Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to YBL.AI or looking for answers to your questions, this guide will help you with our services and features.

What is a Copilot?

You can ask YBL.AI for help to draft emails, write letters and review documents (yielding up to 95% in time savings). Furthermore, YBL.AI can compare information against technical knowledge, assist in producing meeting notes (in seconds, not hours) and help to operate enterprise systems on your behalf as your guide. YBL.AI is more than simple prompts. Our approach maximises accuracy by using prompt chaining, tree of thoughts, skeleton of thoughts, multiple LLMs and SLMs. YBL.AI works collaboratively with you as your copilot.

Where do I start?

YBL.AI is a chat-driven, conversational, natural language experience that enables you to interact as you would with a person. Simply start typing and explore.

How do I use YBL.AI with Zoom or Google Meet calls?

Paste the meeting link (Zoom or Google Meet) into the YBL.AI input box and hit return, where our AI will then join in on your meeting.

Alternately click on the “+” button and select the “microphone” button. You can also download the YBL.AI extensions from the Zoom App Marketplace and the Google Chrome Web Store.

How do I scan a document?

Drag and drop the document into the YBL.AI input box and it will produce a digitised version (along with a JSON file) for you to use in your existing workflow.

Is this secure?

Yes. Your client data is safe, not visible across clients, and will not be shared or used with public LLMs. We are actively working towards achieving SOC 2 compliance as part of our commitment to ensure we adhere to the highest levels of data protection.

What are Folders?

Folders ensure that data is not shared across or between clients, providing you with the confidence you need when preparing documentation or materials for varying clients. This delivers a valuable safeguard for you to easily manage and activate client contact information with YBL.AI, separately and securely.