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Using AI to make your life easier

No documentation burden
Minimal customer effort
Expertised financial planning
Seamless handover to humans
Perfect for automating your internal & external processes
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YBL is your
collaborative copilot.

YBL seamlessly works with you throughout the day, producing meeting notes (based on your examples) and ensures accuracy with guided prompting. We learn from your preferences and adapt to each personal style so that we are an invaluable tool for streamlining your workflow.

Always With You, As Your Copilot

With one click, YBL.AI is a chat driven, conversational experience that simply sits in and listens during your meetings (such as Zoom and Google Meet), working with you as you need, wherever you may be. We are your secure and invaluable tool for streamlining your workflow.

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Accuracy Is Paramount

We understand accuracy is paramount to your business. 
Our advanced voice processing technology correctly transcribes your spoken words, our chat and response systems provide intelligent and context-aware communication, and we process and understand documents with exceptional precision.

To achieve this, we leverage a combination of small and large language models that work seamlessly together as your AI Copilot.

You don't need to learn complex AI concepts like 'RAG', 'ToT' or 'CoT' as we can handle the prompt engineering and model orchestration for you, so you can focus on your work without getting stuck in the technical details.

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Easy To Get Started

With ready integration, YBL.AI collaborates with your current cloud-based storage solutions (including Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox and Google Drive) or local computer to securely make your workflows easier.

YBL Dashboard UI

Commitment To

Data Security

Security and compliance are at the forefront of our operations and our protected AI ensures safe document preparation and advice generation.

We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the companies and countries that we operate with, and we are actively working towards achieving SOC 2 compliance as part of our commitment to ensure we adhere to the highest levels of data protection.

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